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Interview with Aaron Phillips - Vice President of Sales/Marketing for Fastservers.net

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HC: The demands of customers for reliable and fast support and service are very high in such a competitive market. How does FastServers.Net respond to support and service demands by customers?

Fastserver - First and foremost our company is focused on providing the quickest turnaround times possible. This is accomplished by forecasting and staffing with dedicated server experts 24/7. To make access to our technical support staff painless we have over 40 toll free international numbers + a secure ticketing system . Our staff is comprised of true system engineer experts that are able to multi-task and provide clear concise answers to problems with servers as they arise. Second we have a Managed Service level called DEFCON Services which help define the amount of server monitoring, advanced support, and security that each server on our network has. When aligned with the customers needs and overall skill set this allows our staff to take care of problems before any major outages occur. Keeping servers up to date with the latest security patches and monitoring them 24 hours a day allows us to take a pro-active stance in problem resolution before customers need to contact us.

HC: What do you think the most important programs/tools are for individuals and businesses when building their site? How does FastServers.Net help in this respect?

Fastserver –Planning, Planning, Planning! Have a well developed plan for designing a website that includes marketing strategies, functionality goals, and content development makes or breaks any site. Sites developed on the fly simply do not have the organization and success of those designed with purpose and goals.

HC: For those who have limited budgets and want good functionality, what are the key things to look for generally, and what does FastServers.Net provide for these customers? What is your most popular web hosting package, and why?

Fastserver –With servers starting at $128.00 per month we offer great getting started servers that include 24/7 support, monitoring, and free security upgrades and patches. Every server on the FastServers.Net has the option for our team to participate in making sure it is up to date, secure, and available 24/7. With the inclusion of Plesk as our free control panel, FastServers.Net offers a great starting package for anyone looking to host a few high traffic sites or getting started as a web hosting company.

HC: In your opinion, what is the biggest mistake a web hosting company could make?

Fastserver - Not choosing a good upstream or dedicated server provider. FastServers.Net receives a lot of incoming calls/emails from customers that picked their dedicated servers on price alone. After they factor in the need for expert admins, monitoring, and advanced services they have spent far more than they would have by outsourcing this to multiple companies. The biggest mistake we see web hosting companies make is not analyzing their needs before finding a provider. It is a lot different if you are a full system administrator ready to take on high level system administration, technical support, and server upkeep, but for many companies this is not the case and finding out after the fact will either put them out of business or cause downtime that could have been prevented.

HC: You’ve earned a reputation as a cost effective hosting company with good service. How did you get this reputation, and how do you plan on growing it even more?

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