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AIT Focuses on Dedicated with Multiple Plans -

Dedicated Hosting: It’s the Value

AIT, Inc. (www.ait.com) has made dedicated hosting a focal point this year with multiple plans that allow customers to control costs by choosing only the things they want. Once exclusive to corporate America, dedicated hosting has expanded to smaller companies who rely heavily on e-commerce, have database driven sites, or want the convenience of their own server for other reasons. “Dedicated hosting is about value for the customer,” says Chief Executive Officer Clarence Briggs. “While lower prices have made the dedicated market more attractive, price alone is not the decision point; customers want to know what they’re getting for their money.” That includes variables like disk space and data transfer rates, service level agreements, and automation, among other factors.

Customers who want the cell phone that includes games, e-mail, and music storage will pay for those capabilities; customers who want nothing more than a portable phone will pay for that. The same applies to dedicated hosting. AIT’s approach is value-based propositions to customer demands:

*How much can I get for how little?
*I want plenty of disk space and data transfer
*I want an option of operating systems
*I need a reseller program with profit margins and a provider that understands I’m more than a customer.

AIT crafted four plans which reflect that variety. A self-managed version that operates on Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux or FreeBSD emphasizes the ‘ping, power, and pipe’ developers crave; a plan with the Ensim Pro software answers the call for automation; and, there are dual options that provide full server management, one for resellers and the other for end-users. All four choices have robust hardware, disk space, and data transfer rates. “There is a lot of built-in flexibility so businesses can select the things that are important to them without paying for resources they don’t need,” said Kirk deViere, the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

The plans have been accompanied by a string of product and service releases this year to answer the issues dedicated customers face. These include:

* an anti-spam service
* a port monitoring tool for improved resource management
* a server firewall for improved security
* varying service level agreements
* updated software suites

AIT backs all of its plans with 24/7 live support through toll-free phone lines and an online ticket system. It’s a formula that’s working as the company is significantly expanding its data center and accompanying infrastructure to accommodate customer growth.

Founded in 1996 in North Carolina, AIT, Inc. provides web hosting and e-commerce services to more than 190,000 domains in 107 countries. AIT is the only hosting company listed on both the Inc 500 and Deloitte & Touche Fast 500. AIT also offers data storage, software development, IP telephony, security services, application hosting, and a technical education center. The company has a 25,000 square foot data center and provides live, 24/7 toll-free technical and billing support.

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